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Urban arrow

At URBAN ARROW, we aim to be the frontrunner in urban mobility. Our design philosophy is bold and clear: always ahead. We have been applying this philosophy since we created our first Urban Arrow, back in 2010. Inspired to build the urban vehicle of the future, we set out to design an electric cargo bike that will never let you down and is easy to handle in traffic. Robust yet agile, durable yet light. The result is our iconic aluminium frame. After several years of optimisation, we’re proud to say it still looks essentially the same.

Every city dweller believes his or her hometown is the best place in the world to live. And rightfully so! At Urban Arrow, we enjoy the hustle and bustle as much as you do. We love the old streets, the tall buildings, the places to go and the people to meet. Most of all, we love how the city allows you to be a parent, a go-getter, a shopping pro and a bar hopper, all in the same day.

We understand that your needs and those of your family will change over time, which is why all Urban Arrows are modular. This gives you the freedom to choose between different front frames. A box that’s big enough for your kids, or perhaps something that’s more compact. Everything is possible. In the same way that your needs keep evolving, so too can your bike.

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