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Would you like to rent a bike to drive around in Amsterdam? We have sports bikes, light and comfortable for city driving. The advantage of our bikes is their weight compared to classic bikes that drive around Amsterdam.

Success is the right frame for the right man!

How to rent a bike at Wielmaat Amsterdam Oost?

  • To rent a bike you need a passport of a deposit of 50 €. Returning the bike Wielmaat Amsterdam is obliged to return the deposit (50 €) and passport.
  • By renting a bicycle to Wielmaat Amsterdam, the bike is 1000% efficient for driving. Every fault of the bike is sought by our experts.
  • Every bike rented by our company is armed with a safety chain. You can also buy insurance against theft and damage .

From 01-11-2018 to 01-03-2018 winter time reduced prices to 10%


3 Hours  9€                            
1Day 12€  (9-18:30h)
24 Hours 14.95€
2 Day 23,95€
3 Day 33.95€
4 Day 37.45€
5 Day 44,95€
Extra Day


Insurance & accessories 

Insurance 3h 2.50€                
Insurance 24h 4.50€                       
Back seat 24h 3.50€
Front seat 24h 3.50€

How to book a bike?

Choose a bike, frame size, send an email ( info@wielmaatamsterdam.nl )  with a bicycle model, enter the start and end dates. Wielmaat Amsterdam will send you an invoice by email. We can also bring the bike to your door or hotel.

Any questions?

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